Climate Change

The grants listed and described below are a selection of FMF’s current grants of £10,000 or more. Additionally, we are proud to sponsor the Environmental Justice Campaigner category at the annual Sheila McKechnie Foundation Awards and we make a significant number of smaller grants to a wide range of social change projects at TFN events.

Client Earth works to protect the environment through advocacy, litigation and research. FMF is supporting Client Earth’s climate litigation strategy of using company and financial law to improve corporate disclosure, enforce existing laws and engage tort law principles to impose compensatory liability on major polluters.

ShareAction is one of the leading UK non-profits working to create an investment system that is a force for good. Specifically they seek to unlock the potential of investments to have a positive impact on savers, communities and the environment and to reform the rules of the system to ensure it serves these interests over the long term.  FMF has contributed to a multi-year match fund which is being used on an unrestricted basis towards the organisation’s core costs.

Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) is galvanizing a global collaboration between institutional investors, governments, development banks and industry to shift capital to climate investments in order to meet the $1 trillion annual target which the IEA estimates is required to avoid catastrophic global warming.

Fred first funded Greenpeace back in 1985 in response to the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior in Auckland, New Zealand.  Today, FMF supports Greenpeace’s investment campaigning work  through which it seeks to keep fossil fuels in the ground and reduce the political and economic power of oil companies in particular, by pushing for the reallocation of corporate and investor capital away from long-life, high carbon projects.

E3G is a European non-profit which seeks to accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy by working with partners from across government, politics, civil society, science, the media, public interest foundations and elsewhere. E3G is staffed by independent experts on climate diplomacy and energy policy. FMF is supporting the organisation’s Heat and Energy Efficiency Infrastructure Programme which seeks to influence the Government’s investment programme in heat and energy efficiency such that the UK building stock is completely de-carbonised by 2050. This is necessary if we are to play our part in keeping the temperature increase below 2 degrees centigrade.


The Environmental Defense Fund is one of the USA’s most well-established and well-respected environmental groups, conducting research and cross party advocacy across a range of environmental issues. FMF is an inaugural funder of the Environmental Defense Fund’s move into Europe led highly respected UK environmentalist, Baroness Bryony Worthington