Social Change Philanthropy

The grants listed and described below are FMF’s current grants of £10,000 or more. We also make a significant number of smaller grants to social change projects that we meet through TFN events in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. We also provide small development grants of around €1,000 to philanthropy infrastructure organisations (e.g. community foundations, youth banks or other type of donor network) wishing to test the TFN giving circle model. These organisations are referred to us through the TFN International programme run by TFN UK.

The Funding Network UK (TFN UK) is a live giving circle which offers small, grass roots organisations working for social change the opportunity to “pitch” to an audience of potential donors. It was founded in 2002 by Frederick Mulder and three friends – Polly McLean, Sue Gillie and Paul Kelland. Part Ted Talk, part live auction, TFN offers an accessible entry point to philanthropy for those new to charitable giving and provides non profit organisations with an opportunity to develop new skills, make new connections and increase awareness of the issue they address.  FMF supports TFN UK’s operational costs and contributes to the TFN International programme which supports other organisations to adopt the TFN giving circle model.


TFN Australia officially launched in Sydney in 2013 and is now active in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Perth with plans to expand to other Australian cities in the future. FMF contributes towards the organisation’s core costs.

TFN New Zealand (TFN NZ) launched in Auckland in 2015 and is now active  in Auckland and Wellington. FMF supports TFN NZ’s core costs through a grant to the Auckland Communities Foundation which has incubated TFN New Zealand.