Special Interest

Please note the following includes all grants of £5,000 or more made since 2012-13 when the Trust was re-named the Frederick Mulder Foundation. Prior to this, it operated on a smaller scale and was known as The Prairie Trust. The Prairie Trust was established in 1986. Grant amounts, including those for current grantees, are shown in our annual accounts and can be downloaded here.
Figures on this page are updated to March 2020.


Camden Giving

Camden Giving is an independent charity set up to overcome poverty and local inequality. Based on a notion that everyone has something to give, we channel those resources into support for local people, such as foodbanks, community art spaces, winter night shelters and employment activities for vulnerable young people.  Acting on facts, data and hard evidence, we work to deliver people-friendly programmes and address issues such as poverty, exclusion, loneliness, mental ill-health and unemployment, from the grassroots.

Webpage – www.camdengiving.org.uk/


Kalahari Master San Tracker Project

The Kalahari San are genetically the oldest modern people and the art of tracking may be the origin of science, representing a continuous tradition that goes back more than 100 000 years. Their tracking skills are a vital source of information about human evolution. FMF is providing a three year grant to CyberTracker towards its San Master Tracker accreditation project in Namibia and Botswana through which Master Trackers are accredited and equipped to find employment, ensuring that their tracking skills will not die out. The project is of special interest to Robin Bowman.

Website – www.cybertracker.org


Peace Brigades International

Peace Brigades International, UK trains and sends international volunteer observers to areas of conflict and repression to provide unarmed accompaniment to human rights defenders (e.g. lawyers and campaigners) who are at risk of physical violence because of their work. FMF supports the organisation’s core costs.

Website – www.peacebrigades.org.uk


Playback Theatre Southwest

Playback Theatre Southwest uses the spontaneous, improvisation technique of playback theatre to work with marginalised and disenfranchised groups such as refugees, young carers, victims of domestic abuse and people with mental illnesses. Through its work, PTSW helps these vulnerable groups to gain confidence, insight and skills which enable them to better integrate into society. FMF is supporting the organisation’s work with refugee women and young people in Plymouth. PTSW’s work is of special interest to Hannah Mulder.

Website – www.playbacktheatre-sw.co.uk


Sheila McKechnie Foundation

SMK runs an annual awards scheme and provides support, information and advice on key areas of effective campaigning. Since 2014 FMF has sponsored the Environmental Justice Campaigner award and in 2017 committed to a three year sponsorship of the newly created Best Partnership / Coalition category.

Website – www.smk.org.uk




Sightsavers is one of the world’s leading non-profit organisations dedicated to preventing avoidable blindness and promoting equal opportunities for people with disabilities.  They work with local partners in over 30 countries across Africa and Asia, to tackle the main causes of avoidable blindness, including, cataract and blinding neglected tropical diseases. By strengthening existing health systems and building local capacity, they work in a sustainable way to promote lasting change.  Sightsavers is recognised internationally for its high quality work, and is highly rated by independent charity evaluators, such as GiveWell and ImpactMatters.
Website – www.sightsavers.org/

Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch is a non-profit, nongovernmental human rights organization which defends the rights of people worldwide. The organisation investigates abuses, exposes facts and pressures those with power to respect rights and secure justice. In 2013, FMF made a three year grant towards the work of the Arms Division, in memory of Fred’s father, Eldred Bowman who was killed by a landmine in France in the Second World War.

Website – www.hrw.org

Grant History:

FMF supported Human Rights Watch from 2013 to 16

Total funds received USD $45,000


Just 4 Kids Law

Just for Kids Law helps young people navigate their way through challenging times: whether they are facing difficulties at school, with their mental health, with the immigration or the youth justice systems, are being denied benefits or are homeless. Support is provided by a team of front line staff which includes lawyers and dedicated youth advocates. In 2014, Fred and the trustees made a grant of £90,000 over three years to cover the cost of the north London advocacy service in memory of their son and brother, Daniel.

Website – www.justforkidslaw.org

Grant History:

FMF supported Just for Kids Law from 2014 to 2016

Total funds received £90,000


Remai Modern Art Gallery of Saskatchewan

FMF donated 23 ceramic works by Picasso to the Remai Modern in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in September 2014. The Remai Modern is a new gallery on Saskatoonʼs River Landing which opened in 2017. Fred grew up in Eston, Saskatchewan, and these Picasso works will serve as a bridge between the gallery’s highly important Picasso linocut collection, which Frederick Mulder Limited sold to the Remai in 2013, and the tradition of Saskatchewan art ceramics. The ceramics will be exhibited in a gallery dedicated to Picasso and works of international modernity at the Remai Modern.

Website – https://remaimodern.org/program/collections/picasso-collection


Samaj Seva Niketan

For many years Fred has supported the work of his dear friend, Sister Annie, who sadly died in September 2019.  She was one of the nuns from Samaj Seva Niketan, a charity based in Mumbai which works with people who live in the city’s slums. Fred met her in 1988 on a trip organised by Oxfam and has supported her ever since. Fred’s daughter, Hannah had the opportunity to travel to Mumbai and work with her at Samaj Seva Niketan in autumn 2004.

Grant History:

FMF and its predecessor, Prairie Trust have supported Samaj Seva Niketan from 1988 to 2020.

Total funds received since 2012 £22,500

Write to Freedom
Write to Freedom was founded in 2008, and supports those in recovery from addiction through mentoring, self-empowerment, wilderness experiences and the power of personal stories.  FMF has supported them to develop and delivery their programme of residentials and mentoring days.
Website – www.writetofreedom.org.uk/

Grant History:

FMF supported Write to Freedom from 2016 to 2019.

Total funds received to date £54,000

The Wrong Crowd

The Wrong Crowd describe their work as ‘a theatre company that makes theatre for all ages.  We fuse design, story, puppetry, physicality and music to wake up the imagination, put a fire in people’s bellies, and inspire people to play and make stuff. We tell epic emotional stories that ask the essential questions of our time with joy and irreverence to better connect people to themselves, each other and the world around them. As well as shows, we create playful digital and real world opportunities for audiences and artists to develop skills. We are in based in Devon and Cardiff.’  FMF has been supporting them since 2019.

Website – www.wrongcrowdtheatre.co.uk/

Grant History:

FMF supported The Wrong Crowd from 2018 to 2020.

Total funds received to date £17,500