Our Approach

As the Frederick Mulder Foundation, our grant making and investment activity is focused on organisations working to systematically address the following;

  • The need to increase philanthropic support for organisations working for social change. You can see a selection of our current grantees here
  • The threat of climate change, particularly organisations promoting natural climate solutions, and the role of capital markets in driving the move to a low carbon economy. You can read more about our approach here and see a selection of our grantees here
  • The persistence of global poverty, particularly those which tackle disparities of power and the institutional frameworks that sustain inequality. You can see a selection of our current grantees here

The Trustees also support a small number of organisations which fall outside of these areas but which enact the ethic of fairness, particularly in the areas of human rights and the arts. Please see a selection of our current grantees here

Generally speaking, we look for entrepreneurial leaders who are seeking to challenge the status quo to bring about lasting, systemic change.

We look for innovative projects that may come with risk but which with early stage support have the potential to attract larger, institutional funding and to scale up quickly.

We understand the need for unrestricted funds and for core funding, allowing the grantee the discretion to use our grant in the best way to achieve the outcome we all agree is desirable

We aim to be flexible and pragmatic, recognising that projects that are new and untested can be unpredictable and plans may need to be changed.

And we understand that the work we are supporting is often challenging and at times overwhelming. For this reason, we hope to stand alongside our grantees, mindful of the importance of their well-being to them, their families and to our shared goals.