FMF’s Climate Change Focus

Frederick Mulder Foundation believes that climate change is the single greatest threat facing mankind, and we believe that our biggest task as a Foundation is to do what we can to help limit global warming to below 2° relative to pre-industrial levels.

Climate change is a big field and there are many interventions in which one can be involved: government policy, public education, and investment flows/financial markets, among others. We have chosen to help fund the investment flows/ financial markets piece as we believe that markets are key to the development of a low carbon economy. We look for ways to discourage continued investment in a high-carbon economy and to encourage investment in a low-carbon economy.

This focus has in turn several prongs: research and information for the financial sector (e.g. Carbon Tracker’s analysis of stranded assets), activist campaigns which will affect financial flows (e.g. Divest Invest), legal interventions to discourage fossil fuel investment (e.g. Client Earth’s litigation strategy), and even some direct funding of projects to expand the renewables market (e.g. SolarAid in Africa).

As well as a significant part of our grant making, approximately one third of our endowment will be devoted to impact investments in the renewables and energy efficient sector.